A good day!

Today these really awesome things happened:
  1. Hagan passed his driver’s permit test and got his permit.
  2. Hagan put in a little over an hour of driving and no people or property were hurt. 😉
  3. My new Google Pixel 3a XL phone arrived today. I have it mostly set up. Also fun, the Android 10 update was released today, so not only did I get a new phone, I got an all new OS for it! So far, so awesome!
  4. A used book I ordered, The Thought of Mikhail Bakhtin: From Word to Culture, arrived today from Oxfordshire UK. Why is this good? Well, the book is currently selling for $134–$175 USD. I got it from this seller in the UK for $36.98 USD, and it is in EXCELLENT SHAPE!