A good reminder from Thomas C. Oden

Today I was rereading a couple of chapters of this old friend, and came across a bit that is still relevant for us today, despite having been published in 1983.
"The reason we have not made the attempt to recover admonition in our time are complex. We have accommodated to many of our contemporary culture's shallow, facile assumptions about the nature of truth and reality. One of the key assumptions of our culture is unconstrained individual freedom: Let each one do one's own thing (and in very tiny parenthesis we add: as long as others do not get hurt). The narcissistic edge of our culture is inordinately concerned with individual hedonic self-actualization. Doubtless all cultures to a certain degree have had that concern, but few have carried it to the lengths of modern hedonists, with their feather massages, frenetic self-improvement strategies, upwardly mobile individualism, bed-hopping, and high juvenile suicide statistics. As long as Christian community and ministry accommodate to these hedonic assumptions about life's purpose, there is no room for or even perceived need for mutual correction. There is only pretended tolerance and the inner condemnation we feel when we do not fully 'actualize ourselves.'"