A little "simple" plumbing today

Except that it turned out to be less than simple. No surprise there.
A few weeks back, Celeste's bathroom faucet started leaking. Of course, I immediately thought, "I've seen my Dad do this before, so surely I can do it!" My first thought was just to replace the ball valve, etc., in the old faucet. So, I reached under the sink to crank the shut off valves to turn the water off to the faucet.
They did not turn.
At all.
I didn't want to risk breaking them and having to turn the water off to the entire house, so I called the plumber to come install new shut off valves for me (the old ones were soldered in). I also thought that while he was in there, he might as well do the faucet kit for me.
"Mr. Dvorak. Do you have a minute that I could show you something?"
"This faucet is so solid with hard water deposit, that if I apply any more effort to open it up to repair it, the whole thing will just break off. I recommend just getting a new faucet."
"No problem!" I exclaimed. "That's a fairly straightforward job. I can do that myself."
So today (Apr. 10), a few days after the plumber advised me to replace the drippy faucet--and after putting up with a few more days of annoying dripping sounds--we scuttled over to Lowe's and looked through about a million faucets until Celeste finally found one she liked (and, it was one of the less expensive ones!). Each kit came with a faucet and drain pipe. We bought two (I might as well do my faucet, too, right?) and headed back to the house.
I made up my mind to get this job done before dinner, so I went to it. It only took me a few minutes to get the old leaky piece of junk removed.

The new one went in pretty easily--after a trip to Ace Hardware to buy a couple of hoses, since neither the hot nor the cold pipes from the faucet could reach the new shut off valves.
Once I got that sorted and connected all the water lines, it worked a charm.
And then, after dinner, I decided to replace the drain. That was pretty much a nightmare. It took me forever to get the jamb nut loose under the sink. Then, once that was loose, it took me forever to get the top of the drain to unscrew so that I could pull the drainpipe out of the bottom of the sink. Then it took forever to get the drainpipe apart so that it would come out of the J pipe. And, of course, doing all of that made a huge disgusting mess all over the place--not a lot of water but certainly a lot of drain gunk and sludge and hair. Mind you, I grew up on a farm and my hands and arms have been in places that would cause most people to vomit just thinking about it. I was not bothered by the grossness of the gunk, but just that it got everywhere! Anyway, after a LONG time, I finally got the new sink drain and pipe installed and it all works just fine with no leaks!
After a major cleanup of both the bathroom and myself, Celeste bought me a Heath bar Mix from Braum's as a "victory" treat!
Of course, the job is really only half done. I have my faucet still to do. But at least now I know what to expect!