And away we go!

Well, today (Aug 1) was a strange day. It began at 5:30am with a flurry of activity to get the remaining items into the PODS (e.g., mattresses, box springs, and the like) because it was possible that the PODS truck could arrive at 7:00am to grab the first box of our belongings (the one into which we wanted to put the mattresses, etc.). The truck didn't actually arrive until after 8:00am, which turned out to be a blessing because we needed that extra little bit of time (to drink coffee and inhale donuts๐Ÿ™‚).
After the PODS rode away one at a time on flatbed trucks, we brought in some lunch and then turned our attention to packing up the items we had planned to transport with us in our car, which meant that I had one more game of packing Tetris to play. But I got it all in and there was still enough room for Sydney, Celeste, and I, too!
After that came the hard part--leaving. 3013 Aerie Dr. was a great house for our family. A lot of memories were made there, and to commemorate that, we snapped one last family "selfie" on the front step:
I have to tell you, although we are smiling in the photo, each of us had pretty large lumps in our throats as we choked back the tears (rest assured, they flowed shortly after this photo). It's hard to leave a such a good place, but we are on our way to making new memories in new places.
Keep us in your prayers:
  • pray for Hagan, who stayed behind in Oklahoma, as he begins his new job for Baker Hughes; he'll be working 5x12's in their brazing room (we already miss ya, brother ๐Ÿ˜ข)
  • pray for Sydney, who is coming with us, as she will begin graduate studies at the University of Toronto (museum studies)
  • pray for Celeste as she helps us settle in our new home, and, likely, will be looking for opportunities to work
  • pray for me as I step into the next stage of my career at McMaster Divinity College
Much love and many blessings to our Oklahoma friends!! To our friends in the GTA, look out! Here we come!๐Ÿ™‚