Another engine mount replaced on the Nissan

You may recall that Hagan and I had just replaced the front mount on his '05 Nissan Altima. I looked again at the front right mount and it was pretty well shot from what I could tell. So, we tackled it, too. Getting the old mount out was straightforward and easy. Getting the new one in was a real pain in the hoo haw. Here's the old, bad mount (left) next to the new, good mount (right):
Note on the old one how the rubber is torn and the bushing for the through bolt is pulled to the left. That's bad.
So, when we removed the old mount, the engine--even though appropriately supported with a floor jack underneath--moved back in the engine compartment about an inch and a half. I wasn't all that concerned at the moment because I have seen that before and knew that with some wiggling and jiggling and ratchet strap magic we would probably get it back in place.
Nope. The car had other ideas.
So Hagan called his friend Eli who brought their engine hoist/cherry picker and a ratchet strap. We were able to get the holes within 1/2 inch of lining up, but that was it. We even broke one ratchet strap in the process. So, at the point when we are all tired and frustrated, I called it a day. We put all of the car parts (air box, battery box, etc.) and my tools into the garage and shut it down for the night.
This morning (Friday, June 3, 2022), I called in reinforcements--my friend Dan and his son. Like me, Dan learned how to work on cars from his Dad and from experience. He knew to bring a few heavy duty pry bars with him, all of which were stronger than any of the ones I have. The three of us worked for a good portion of the morning, prying, raising the jack, lowering the jack, loosening other mounts, etc., until we finally defeated the beast. We got the new mount aligned and torqued to spec ("click"). After those two heroes left for home, I tightened everything back up that we had loosened and reinstalled everything I had to take out in order to get to the mounts. Then I fired up the car and took it on a test drive.
I am happy to report that everything is just fine.
The car may have won the battle yesterday, but we won the war today.🙂
Many thanks to Eli, Dan, and Dylan. We couldn't have done it without your help!
Oh, one more thing (as Columbo would say): the front left mount and the rear mount have yet to be changed. The rubber is not torn in either of those (yet), but they are fatigued and move quite a bit. I have the new ones, but right now I am thinking that someone else should install those. Someone with a lift.😛