Another one checked off the list...

Last week I finished an article that I've been working on for a while. I'm sure there will be some final editing and minor modifications that will need to be done to it, but that is much easier than writing something fresh. I can't say much about it here because it's going into a Festschrift for a scholar that I respect, and that project is a surprise. When it is released to the public, I will let you know about it.
Having checked that one off the list, the next one in the queue has moved up to "working" status. This one is a 6000- to 8000-word piece on discourse analysis of New Testament Greek. It is a contribution to a project edited by my former PhD mentor, Stanley E. Porter, and will be published by Cambridge (in their Cambridge Companions series). This will be my first Cambridge publication.
After that, I have more article/chapter type of work to complete, after which I will turn my attention back to three much larger book projects for which I am under contract.
It's nice to see the fruit of one's labor, too. Soon, Luke–Acts in Modern Interpretation (in the Milestones in New Testament Scholarship series that is edited by Stan Porter and Ron Fay and published by Kregal) will be released. I wrote the chapter on Martin Dibelius's view of Luke and Acts in this work. In a forthcoming volume on Paul in modern interpretation, I will be contributing the chapter on Gordon Fee. [EDIT: Oct. 21, 2021] I will also contribute to their volume on the General Epistles. For that, I will write about John H. Elliott, about whom I have written before. [END EDIT]
More to come. I'll keep you posted.