Another reason to love Glympse

Glympse is an app that allows a person to share their location on a map, and even follow them live for a specified span of time. A while back, I wrote about Glympse over the, where I shared a scenario where the app is useful. Now I have another reason to love Glympse: I have a 16-year-old new driver in my house.
Everyone who has ever learned to drive knows that part of learning to drive is learning how to get to and from places, and that is certainly the case with my daughter. Of course, she uses GPS to help her get here or there, but she also shares a Glympse with her Mom or I so we can keep track of her as she motors around town. We don't use it to spy on her, and we are not "helicopter parenting." It was her idea. I suppose that as her confidence grows, she'll send us fewer Glympses, but for now, it's been a really useful way to make sure she gets where she's going and back.
Thank you, Glympse, for making such a useful app!