Astra gets a new front engine mount

A while back, the good people at Firestone told me that the front engine mount on my 2008 Saturn Astra needed to be replaced. Of course, they offered to do it, but I opted to do it myself at home. I ordered the part from on March 1, 2021 (I wanted an OEM part rather than aftermarket). Apparently, this part is becoming more challenging to get from GM. After the kind people at OEMPartsSource put the prod to GM, the part was finally shipped on March 16. I received it the 20th, so 20 days after I had ordered it. Anyway, here's what the new one looks like:

(Yes, my Saturn is actually an Opel! 👍 Also, this part cost $120 USD 💵)
My parents are still in town visiting (due to my Dad's truck needing repair, incidentally), so my Dad and I installed the part today. Here's what needed to come out:
Here it is removed. Can you see why it needed replaced?
Here are the old and new mounts side by side. Can you tell which is which?
I love DIY work when I can get it done myself; it's so satisfying. But I especially love it when my Dad and I get to do the work together! Thanks Dad for helping me with this job, but more than that, thanks for teaching me over the years that I am quite capable of doing this sort of work myself (assuming that I have the right tools 😁)!