Bathroom renovation update (photos added on March 12)

It's been a while since I gave an update on the bathroom renovation. It's been a fairly slow process given such challenges as logistics issues and overbooked skilled tradespeople, but we are nearing the finish line!
After the shower was rebuilt and tiled and the floor tile was laid and the new tub was installed, I started painting like a madman. I am all but finished with that. I need to put another coat of paint in that place where everyone loves to crawl (behind the toilet), and I need to finish painting some trim boards and a closet door. Oh, and I need to paint a built-in shelf the same blue color as the vanity.
I've installed one light fixture above the vanity already, but needed to move a wire over a few inches for the other one. That's done; old holes filled; the mud/joint compound is cured; and I've painted that spot. So, I will install the other fixture today. Then I will hang some mirrors. And since the vanity countertop was installed today (yay!), the vanity area is pretty much complete. I think the glass company will here soon to install the shower glass. That will pretty much finish up the project.
I do still need to have the plumber in to get the sink faucets reconnected, as well as cut the tub spout and stick the trim on said spout (he'll be here Monday). Then I need to get up into the attic (in a very tight location, mind you) to remove the old recessed lights so that I can replace them with LEDs that are super thin and super bright (and moisture tolerant/resistant). After that, I'll hang the blinds back up in the window, and it will be time for a deep clean.
So, there are quite a number of things still to do, but none of them are super huge deals.
When we arrive at the finish, I will post some photos.

UPDATE March 12, 2022

Vanity countertop is installed, as are the mirrors (the sinks are just set in their holes to help us align mirrors; they will be secured and plumbed on Monday, March 14). Before you leave a comment about that missing single gang light switch cover, I bought one and installed it. Also, there is now a towel ring between the mirrors.
Shower glass installation is underway (waiting on the shower door and transom).
Also done today was the less-than-fun job of working in the attic for an hour or hour and a half removing old recessed light fixtures and wiring in new LED lights. I still need to go back up there to remove the old vent/light and heater/light fixtures so that we can replace them with new ones.