Blower fan barely blowing air in your car?

On our drive from The Farm to Tulsa, at about Kansas City, we noticed that the A/C was not cooling the car as it should. Actually, as it turned out, it was not a problem with the A/C but a problem with air flow out of the vents. Even with fan on high (yes, the blower motor and the resistor was working properly), hardly any air was flowing from the vents. Often in such cases the problem is a clogged cabin air filter, but I had just replaced ours, so it was new. So, we pulled off at a random exit and into a gas station at a small town in Missouri. I started tinkering with it and soon, a lot of water started to pour out the condenser pan drain under the car and the air started to flow normally out of the vents. Honestly, I am surprised that it had not started to overflow onto the floors!
So, if you are ever in a similar situation, and you know it's not a clogged cabin air filter, check for a clog in the condenser drain pan.