Busy weekend

It's been a busy weekend so far, and it's only Sunday!
I took last Friday off to volunteer a day at The Springs church of Christ. They have a bunkhouse on their property. Recently, they were presented with an opportunity to use that space to house some people who needed a roof over their heads. We needed to put a couple of walls up in there so that there'd be a couple of private sleeping areas, so I helped with that. Unfortunately, we were not able to get both walls framed that day--there were a lot of people there doing a lot of work at the same time (plumbing, windows, painters, etc.). Nevertheless, I enjoyed the work (esp. running the hammer drill to install the anchor bolts for the walls' bottom plate). Here's one of the walls (sorry it's a little blurry):
Yesterday (Saturday), we went to Tulsa to do some work for my in-laws. First, I did some inspection on one of their cars. I found a couple of things but didn't do the repairs (yet). They need drop links (a.k.a., sway bar links)--actually only one was bad, but it's best to do those in pairs. Also, the lower control arm of the passenger side has a bad bushing. So, sometime I'll get back over there to do those repairs.
The main effort was replacing the light post and lamp in the front yard. It was one of those jobs that shouldn't be as difficult as it was. Getting the old post out was a pain. Once we got that out, we were able to set the new post. But, the wiring coming over from the house was not long enough to reach up through the new post as far as it should have. So, we made a trip over to Lowe's and picked up a package of 12-2 wiring rated for outdoor use, and I spliced in the length we needed. Then we wired in the plug-in receptacle as well as the light sensor switch (it turns on at dusk and off at dawn). We powered it back up, tested it, and it worked perfectly. I learned that I am more stubborn than a (light) post! LOL!