Busy Weekend - More Mechanic Work

You may remember that on the 4th of July, I taught my son Hagan how to replace brake pads on my wife’s car. He watched me do it one time, and then he took over and did the next two flawlessly! I had to ask his permission to do the last one! 🙂 Well, tomorrow we will ratchet it up a bit (pun intended) and replace the struts on the front of my car. It’s not too difficult a job in terms of knowing what to do, but it’s a challenge because you can’t get single strut/spring assemblies for my car. So we have to compress the springs with a special tool and separate them from the strut so that we can put the new struts in. Without a hydraulic machine like many mechanics have, it’s a pain and not a little dangerous. If that little tool breaks, all the energy stored in the compressed spring releases at once and, well, let’s just say that it could cause a person's body a LOT of damage. But I am confident since the compression tool I have is brand new.
Perhaps more dangerous will be the heat. We’d better get started early, and I'd better make sure the fans are working!

UPDATE: July 11
Well, unfortunately, my parts were not delivered yesterday, so this project has to be pushed off by at least a day. 😞