Chipping away at it

On Wednesday and Thursday this week we had a winter storm. In OKC the main form of precipitation was sleet, although I think we got a little freezing rain and a few flurries of snow. Anyway, this morning I decided that it was time to tackle the job of clearing the sleet pile from in front our front door. Then I thought, well, I might as well work on the driveway a bit, too. I needed the workout. I cleared up to where the sun shines more directly on the driveway. When I was finished with just that little patch, the pile of ice chunks in my front yard made it look like I had demolished an igloo. Anyway, here are some photos.
Yes, this pile was a sleet pile, not snow. By the time I was working on it, it was pretty much solid ice.
Celeste got a couple of action photos...
As I was walking away, I was thinking, "Why is my son not out here helping me?"
Looks like I destroyed an igloo