Early Morning Tornado Warning (Oct 13 2021)

My alarm went off at 5am as usual. I stumbled into the bathroom, and while in there the sirens started to blow. My first thought was actually "Saturday noon??" but then I came to my senses and realized those were tornado warning sirens. So, I woke the family, told them to get their shoes on, turned on Emily Sutton to see the radar, and then headed outside with my camera rolling. I didn't catch much and the quality is not super great (it was still dark), but I did catch a bit of the lowering as it passed just south of our house. In terms of location, I'm a hop and a skip from Oklahoma Christian University, where I work. No damage.
Incidentally, the OKC sirens were blowing, but I did not hear SE Edmond sirens blowing (there is one right at the back entrance of OC's campus that is quite obvious when it's roaring). You should know, however, that OC did alert students, faculty, and staff via their OC Notify system.
#okwx #tornado #allesgut