Fall Break 2018

Last Wednesday, Oct. 17, Hagan and I set off to spend our few days of Fall Break on the family farm in Iowa. We left after his school day was over and drove into the evening, arriving at our destination at a little past 10 PM. Both Mom (a.k.a., Grammie) and Dad (a.k.a., Papa) were still awake to greet us. After sleeping in for a while the next morning, we got up and got going. Hagan did his typical thing of heading out before breakfast to do chores. Later that morning, we took our car into the little town of Yale, IA, for an oil change. We enjoyed coffee and conversation at the little cafe across the street from the mechanic's shop.
After that, we worked around the yard cutting down and/or trimming some bushes that, having enjoyed the fertile black Iowa dirt, had really grown to just shy of out of control. They were in the way of another job that Dad, Hagan, and I needed to tackle, so away they went. I cut them, Mom piled them, we chained them to the John Deere gator, and Hagan pulled them to the burn pile. Following that job, we used the hydraulic post hole digger on the skid loader to dig three holes. We then mixed concrete to fill those holes (Hagan got a good workout shoveling the ingredients into the mixer: 4 parts sand/gravel to one part concrete mix; I got a good workout wheeling wheel barrows full of concrete to each hole and pouring it in). It was good work and a good workout.
It's harvest time on the farm, too. We didn't do too much with that, since the farm is rented by another person. That said, we did help some, and Hagan even got to drive the combine. He thinks he's super cool because of that! I didn't drive any tractors or use any implements, but I did get a shot of the tractor and auger wagon, which, in my opinion, are super cool.
On Saturday, Grammie and Papa had to go into Des Moines, so I spent the morning working on a paper and Hagan spent most of that morning exploring outside. Once they got home, we put up support posts on those piers we poured that would stabilize part of Mom and Dad's house. The sunset that evening was beautiful.

Sunday morning we got up and went to church at the Heartland Church of Christ. After class (which my brother led), I preached. We enjoyed a potluck lunch, and then we hit the road to come home. We got back home at about 7:30 PM (we only stopped once on the way back). I was in bed by 9:30 PM and slept until 5:00 AM this morning.