Fridge fixed!

On Sunday, Aug. 8, 2021, as I wrote about in this post, the condenser fan on our refrigerator stopped spinning. I pulled the fridge out from its cubby, pulled off the back cardboard panel, and vacuumed underneath it really well. I was able at that time to get the fan to spin again, but I knew that it wouldn't last much longer--and I was correct. It was seized up at some point in the middle of the night. So I put my small oscillating fan behind the fridge blowing on the compressor to keep it from burning up. Of course, that meant keeping the unit pulled out from its cubby and pretty much in the middle of the kitchen. Annoying, but not unworkable.
-- Photo courtesy Hagan Dvorak: new fan motor (left) and old fan (right); old blades go on new motor (after a cleaning, of course) --
So, the next day, I called David's Appliance in Edmond, because for some reason I felt compelled to shop local. I was told that they would have my fan motor by 10:00 AM Tuesday. Great. I stopped by at about noon on Tuesday and asked if it had come in yet. One of them commented that it was odd that UPS had not been there yet. So, I left empty handed. I did not call them or stop by on Wednesday, thinking that they would call me if the part arrived. No call. So, I called Thursday afternoon, and the guy who answered the phone took a few minutes to "check on it." He then said, "I think that's in David's pile, and he's with a customer. I will have him call you back." So I gave him my number (again). David did not call me back. By this time I was pretty frustrated and had determined that I will never again (try to) do business with that place. In fact, had I ordered the part from Amazon (yes, an OE part), I would have already had it, paid less for it than what David quoted me, and would have had this job done a lot sooner!!
But now I needed the part pronto and didn't want to wait 2-3 more days for the part from Amazon if I didn't have to. So I called Associated Appliance in OKC. The kind woman who answered the phone checked their inventory and said, "Yes, we have one of those in stock." I told her that I would be at their shop when they opened at 8:00 AM on Saturday (14th). She pulled the part--yes, a genuine OE Whirlpool part--and put my name on it. I arrived at their place this morning about two minutes after they opened, walked in, paid for the part, and walked back out. All told, it took me 18 minutes to drive to the shop, 5 minutes to go in and pay for the part, and 18 minutes to drive back home. I had the old part out and the new one in by 9:15 AM, and it is working as it should.