Helping out a friend and fellow church member

At 9:00 AM today, a rather large crew of church members showed up at our friend's house (it was planned and organized, not a surprise) with our lawn tools and chainsaws. We trimmed trees and raked and worked flower beds for a few hours. It was a great day to get outside and do some good old fashioned manual labor! And, I got to run my new chainsaw quite a bit! Here are a few photos. None of them are of me running my saw, but my son got in on the fun!
Here's a video of Hagan gettin' it done:
One of my favorite people on this planet is Roger. Here we are taking a little break and chatting. Roger is a great man and a fellow Iowa man!
Here's Roger and I making sure Hagan's doing it right! LOL!!
It was a great day to get out and work!