Inching Closer

Many of you may remember that I was granted sabbatical for last Fall semester (Fall 2019). I used that time to begin revising my dissertation (completed and defended way back in 2012) for publication (it’s headed for this series) at the behest of my PhD mentor, Dr. Stanley E. Porter. During that time I was able to revise 2.5 chapters. Spring semester teaching load and, of course, dealing with a pandemic pretty much halted any progress during the Spring term.
I picked the project back up this week (again with some motivation from Dr. Porter), and I was able to work through all of the remaining chapters. The painstakingly slow part has been converting to a new style guide, which, not surprisingly, required working through hundreds of footnotes to make sure everything was formatted properly (I’m sure I’ve missed something so I’ll go back through it again [probably 2x]).
As it stands, it’s still not quite ready for submission. The whole process is kind of like restoring an old car. I’ve spent many hours rebuilding the engine, and I have it nearly ready to start up. But even after the engine is up and running, I will still need to refresh the paint job, update some of the interior, and give it a good polish before I let this thing out of the garage! (Can you tell that I’ve been watching a lot of car restoration shows lately?) 🙂 Nevertheless, I should have it ready to send off to the publisher for editing and typesetting pretty soon, hopefully in the next couple of weeks. That’s my goal anyway.
I’ll keep you posted.