Job done (x 50%)

Well, Hagan and I got started on the CV axle shaft of his '05 Altima this afternoon. It took a little finagling, but we managed to get the old axle out. Let me tell you... it was TOAST. The CV joint was actually completely broken inside what was left of the boot.
Sadly, however, the one I ordered from Detroit Axle (via Amazon) was not the correct size or spline count! Here's a photo (old and broken on the left and new but incorrect one on right). Can you see the difference? I bet you can!
I'm pretty frustrated, and I learned that Amazon's "confirmed fit" is not always correct. Sigh. Fortunately, I can return it. Unfortunately, I now have to buy one from O'Reilly tomorrow, and it will cost me about $30 more than what I paid for the one from Amazon. But I'm not waiting another week and a half to get another one from Detroit Axle via Amazon. I need to get the other half of this job done so the Altima won't hold our garage captive.
I will say that at least I had enough wherewithal to make sure that the Altima was pulled all the way into the garage so that the door would close just in case something like this were to happen.🙂