More mechanic work

Today (Aug 8), Hagan and I put new brake pads on the rear of the ’05 Altima that he and Sydney drive, shocks on the rear of the ’05 Altima, and struts on the front of the ’05 Altima.
Here are a couple of photos. First, is a shot of the driver’s side after having removed the old strut. The second, you can see the old strut and new strut side-by-side (new on the left and old on the right). The old struts were SHOT.

Old Strut Out

New vs. Old
The result is a much less bouncy ride. There are still some rattles and vibrations on that well-used car, but we’ll get those sorted out and Hagan and I will get them repaired—as we have $$ to do so, at least!!
Oh, also, this morning my friend Zach brought his newer model Altima over, and I helped him put new brake pads on all four corners of his car. So I guess we did a lot of mechanic work today. I just wish I had a hydraulic lift to raise the entire car. Crawling around on concrete all day wears out my knees.