More work on the Altima

You might remember that the '05 Altima has a torn boot on the inner CV joint of the driver's side axle. In case you forgot, here's photographic evidence:

As soon as I found this, I ordered a new one. It arrived today.

Additionally, a few tools I needed to get the job done also came it: a breaker bar and a 32 MM socket to crack loose the axle nut as well as do some tightening (don't worry, I'll torque it to spec), and a pry bar to pry the old axle loose from the transmission.
My Mom used to drive the rural mail route for many years. She had a right-hand drive Subaru Outback (if I remember correctly). Dad did all of the maintenance on the car, and he had to change out axles relatively regularly. He told me that he could replace an axle in 20 minutes! My first response was "Challenge accepted!" But now I think I will try to video the process and put it on my YT channel. We'll see. If I do that, you will be able to view it here or on my channel.
I also have a new positive battery cable terminal to replace the crusty and corroded one that's currently on there, as well as a new fusible link holder (also crusty). And I have new spark plugs on order. In the not too distant future, I need to replace the power steering fluid, and determine where the oil leak is on the back of the engine. I think it is the oil filter housing/cooler, which, as I understand it, is a fairly common leak on these cars as they age. If that's what's leaking, it shouldn't be too difficult to repair.
We have put a good bit of money into this car lately, but I want him to have something that is reliable, despite having pretty high mileage.