New LED lights installed

So, I had posted yesterday that the lights in the kids' bathroom were acting up and have been for a while. I knew that the original light fixtures needed to be replaced, and I wanted to put LEDs in their place. The old lights were recessed can lights, so getting them out required a little time in the attic as well. But first, I removed everything I needed to from below.
Bulb out, then the plastic trim parts
Then it was up to the attic, where I had to locate the light fixtures and then dig out the insulation so that I could access them. I removed the old can light fixtures and prepped the wiring for the new lights.
Removing the fixture above Hagan's sink
Old fixtures out
Now, there is no getting around it. This is a messy job. It's a good thing I have a shop vac!
What a mess!
Nevertheless, once the old fixtures were out, getting the new LED lights wired in was pretty easy (except for the need to contort my body so as to do the job without falling through the ceiling).
Ready for the new fixtures
Here are a couple of photos and a brief video of the finished product. I'm happy with it!
Above the vanity
Above the shower