New Phone En Route

Google Pixel 3a XL

(stock photo)
So yesterday, I did something that I have not done in 5 years: I bought a new phone.
In 2014, when we signed up with Verizon (we’re with T-Mobile now), I bought a Samsung Galaxy Note 4. What a fantastic phone. It was super fast at the time, and only recently has it become noticeably slower. Also, it was one of the last models that the phone owner could pop off the back and replace the battery. That is a major reason why I bought the phone and why I haven’t had to change phones is a long time.
But as with anything human or made by humans, things have slowly begun to wear down. I’ve found myself needing to reboot the phone to get the 4G to work (or to get any mobile data at all). Also, as apps have evolved and have come to require more memory and processing power, the once-snappy Note 4 had become noticeably slower. And, yep, it needed another battery. In short, it has finally become "unreliable."
So, a few weeks ago, I jumped into the market and began researching new phones. First, I am invested in Google, so Apple is automatically out. Second, holy moly phones are STUPID EXPENSIVE!! Stupid, I say! Third, technology has progressed a lot since I was last in the market. So, I began reading and watching tons of reviews on Samsung and Google Phones and a handful of other Android operated phones.
After reading and/or watching a plethora of reviews, I decided to go with a Google Pixel—but not a Pixel 4. Although the Pixel 4 has a ton of super cool tech features, in the end it came down to battery. Google simply failed to put a battery in the Pixel 4 that would allow all of those features to be enabled/on without draining the battery at 5 to 7% per hour. A handful of reviews said, "If you can still get a Pixel 3a XL, you should do that, it’s a great phone with great battery life." It so happens that Google is still selling those (unlocked) through their online store, and, of course, at a much lower price than the Pixel 4 since they are trying to get rid of the inventory (I found some even less expensive on [good site if you’re looking for a phone]), but my wife trusted purchasing directly from Google more than from a seller in who-knows-where. So, I exchanged a fair amount of money for a Pixel 3a XL. It is the first non-Samsung phone I have have purchased in a long time. Well, I mean I’ve had the Note 4 for 5 years, so… (in fact, I have had the Note 4 for so long that it was too old to qualify for a trade-in on a new Samsung, which also factored into going Google).
I will keep you all posted. Maybe even write some about it over on as I learn to use it. I’m looking forward to it!
I wonder if I will get 5 years out of it. I hope so, but I won’t hold my breath.