New struts installed

I had ordered the struts and scheduled them to arrive at my house last Friday, but my guess is that the storm that blew through, which was accompanied with a pretty fair amount of lightning, forced delivery trucks to take a time out for safety. So, the parts arrived Saturday mid-morning, but it was already too hot to work by that point. The good news is that Hagan and I were able to get the old ones out and the new ones installed today. It took us a little while on the driver’s side strut, but we refused to lose. And, I must say that those old struts were DEAD to say the least. When I took the little Saturn out for the test drive after the repair, the difference was quite noticeable! It handles a lot better now.
Next month, we’ll put new struts on the little 2005 Altima we bought for the kids to drive. That should help smooth its ride quite a bit. The good news about that car is that we shouldn’t have to use the spring compressor. I can get struts and springs on a single assembly. Nice.
I have to say that I quite enjoy working with my son. He’s a hard worker and picks things up very quickly! Unfortunately, we didn’t get any action photos today.