Old mower gets a new carburetor

I've got an old Poulan Pro mower with a 6 h.p. Briggs and Stratton engine on it. It's been sitting in my shed for a few years. I decided that I'd try to get it running. In my estimation, it needed a new carburetor and a throttle cable. So I ordered both. The carburetor was cheap on Amazon.com. I ordered the throttle cable from a different online parts store.
So, first I needed to remove the old carburetor.
After a few minutes and as many bolts, it was out. Piece of cake.
Here's the new carb, which came with a spark plug and air filter.
It was an easy installation.
I got the fuel line reconnected and clamped, air filter housing reattached, new air filter in, new fuel priming button installed, and new spark plug installed. Unfortunately, the throttle cable was the incorrect one, so I couldn't fit it. It's possible to start the engine without the throttle cable, but it turns out that my lawn mower gas can is empty! And since I had spent much of the morning helping a friend (and fellow church member) clean his back yard (which was totally awesome because I got to run my chainsaw quite a bit!), I decided that I'd get gas later and give it a shot. I also need to get a bit more motor oil.
So, all of that and I still don't know it if will run. Check back later for an update!