Power Steering Pump Replaced

This morning, I worked on a 2005 Honda Accord EX that belongs to my brother-in-law. He started having power steering problems the other day. Now, on Accords of this vintage, there's a well-known issue with the rubber o-ring going bad on the connection on the low pressure side of the pump, and that allows air into the system, which creates a lot of noise in the pump and, often, the overflow of power steering fluid (as JimTheCarGuy [that's not me] explains and repairs in this video). So I suspected this first. However, when I fired up the car and started trying to turn the steering wheel, the fluid overflowed out of the reservoir as expected, but there was no assistance from the pump at all when trying to turn the wheel (one should be able to turn the wheel with one finger). So, I went straight for the pump itself.
Honestly, on this car the job is super simple. There is one bolt that hold the low pressure hose connector to the pump. Two bolts that hold the high pressure connection to the pump. Two bolts that attach the pump to the block. The trickiest thing is that when you buy a new pump (actually, I bought a remanufactured one from O'Reilly's for $103 after core) you have to move the pulley from the old pump to the new one. It's a tight nut, so it's best to leave the serpentine belt on while you loosen it. You will also need to put a big screwdriver or some such thing (I used a ratchet extension) through the holes in the pulley and up against something solid to get enough leverage to knock the nut loose. Once loose, you can unscrew it with your fingers. The new pump went back in the in the reverse steps as taking the old one out. The new pump comes with new rubber o-rings for both high and low pressure sides. Probably the trickiest thing about reinstallation was actually getting the serpentine belt back on (it's a little fiddly but not really difficult). When all was said and done, I probably only spent an hour total on the job, and that included 20 min. on the parts run. In fact, it may have been even quicker than that.
Sorry I didn't take time to film or photograph the process; I just jumped right in. Here is someone else's video about the job. I did record the results of the job to send to my brother-in-law. I've edited that a bit and posted it below, too.