Publication Progress

On Monday, I finished and submitted the entry on Modality and Mood for the forthcoming Baker Encyclopedia of Biblical Greek Language and Linguistics. I had already submitted previously entries for Appraisal Theory and for Commands and Prohibitions. I have an entry on Systemic Functional Linguistics remaining, which is currently in progress. After that, I will turn my attention to writing an Engagement Analysis (it's an Appraisal Theory thing) of Romans 3:21 to 4:15 to be included as a chapter in a forthcoming volume for the LENT series on Romans and Galatians published by McMaster Divinity College Press through Pickwick/Wipf & Stock.
I also received from Brill the final proofs of my book The Interpersonal Metafunction in 1 Cor 1-4: The Tenor of Toughness. I need to give it one final read making only minor corrections. It is due next Monday, March 8.
Other projects that I am under contract to complete:
  • Chapter on Louis Hjelmslev for Literary-Linguistic Analysis of the New Testament: The Enduring Legacy of Russian Formalism and the Prague Linguistics Circle (Summer 2021)
  • Chapter on Gordon Fee's work in Paul for Porter and Fay Milestones series (Fall 2021)
  • Chapter on Greek Discourse Analysis for Cambridge Companion to the Bible and Linguistics (edited by Stanley E. Porter) (Winter 2021)
  • Systemic-Functional Linguistic Interpretation: On Being Considerate Readers of the New Testament — a volume of collected essays edited by James D. Dvorak (Winter 2021)
  • Discourse Analysis Commentary on Ephesians, Colossians, and Philemon for Discourse Analysis Commentaries of the New Testament (series editor Stanley E. Porter) (2024)
  • Bible in God’s World Commentary on 1 Corinthians (Scot McKnight and Nijay Gupta, eds.) (2024-2025)
Needless to say, I've got some work to do.