Sleeping on air mattresses but not going hungry!

Quick update...
The PODS containing 99.9% of our earthly belongings are in Mississauga, ON, in a PODS warehouse. We cleared them with customs last week, but "given the current logistics crisis," they could not schedule them to be brought to our house until next week. So, the first container will (supposedly) be brought to our house on Monday, Aug. 29, and the second one on Aug. 31.
So, we are still sleeping on air mattresses and eating off of paper plates. However, our neighbors are awesome. Howie knocked on our door on Friday and said, "Say, I've been doing a little research on Oklahoma. Oklahomans love their BBQ, eh?" I confirmed that his research was accurate. So, he loaned us a charcoal grill and chimney-style charcoal lighter--and he gave us a new bag of charcoal, a bottle of his favorite BBQ sauce and seasoning! THANK YOU, NEIGHBOR!
So, Celeste bought some hamburger meat, and tonight...
...we put it to use!
BTW, today was a perfect day weather-wise here in Burlington. We woke up to 58 degrees (Fahrenheit) and it might have reached 70 by 3pm, with a cool light breeze. Perfect for grilling out!