Some Sunday afternoon mechanic work

My nephew, Ezra, needed a little work on his Volvo S40. It had sprung a leak in one of the coolant hoses and was in serious need of rear brakes, including new rotors. Replacing rotors and brakes is an especially dirty job (brake dust + dirt + grease = grime) but, hey, I'm a farm kid so bring on the dirt and grime!
First job up was to cut out the bad spot in the hose, add in a brass fitting, and clamp it. [NOTE: all photos in this post were taken by Hagan Dvorak]
Then came the rear rotor and brake job on both driver and passenger sides.
Off with the old rotor (remove caliper and caliper bracket)
On with the new rotor (so shiny!)
Reinstalling the caliper bracket
Tightening up the caliper bracket
Caliper bracket, caliper, and brake pads installed...ready for the wheel
Job done!
Still to come on this car when time and money permit:
  • outer tie rod ends (parts are in)
  • rear shock absorbers (parts are in)
  • rear sway bar bushings
  • rear drop links
  • and just about every other bit with a rubber bushing (they're all rotting away)