Stain applied

I finished sanding the desktop for my DIY standing desk. You might recall that my son Hagan made the steel frame from scrap metal from my parents' farm in Iowa and that the top is made from wood harvested from the farm, too (thanks Uncle Kent!). I've been sanding on it for a while to get it to a level of smoothness that would, in my opinion, best take the stain. This morning, I thought it was ready. So after cleaning off all of the wood dust and tack clothing it, I applied the Minwax Gunstock 231 stain (I decided NOT to use the pre-stain conditioner and it seems fine--no blotching).
I was nervous at first because the stain looks so red, as you can see here (I was outside under a tree, so that's not blotching you see but shadows cast by the tree).
I let the stain sit for 5 minutes before wiping it off. I think it turned out GREAT!
Here's the stand that Hagan made for me. It's going to work perfectly!