Stripped out door hinge screws? A quick DIY fix.

My front door was starting to sag and to become quite difficult to latch because the screw holes on the upper hinges were stripping out. As a result, the screws would not bite into the wood and, thus, would not hold the door up where it should be. So, using a fairly common DIY procedure, I bought some wooden golf tees at Walmart, popped open the bag, and selected 4 random tees.
Then, I drilled the holes to about 3/16 (the diameter of the tees--but being careful not to drill too deep!!), dipped each wood tee into Gorilla wood glue, and tapped them one-by-one into the holes using a small hammer, tapping only until they bottomed out and would not drive in any further. And, of course, I wiped off any excess glue.
The top tee snapped off once it bottomed out, which is just fine--it's gotta come off anyway!
I allowed the glue to set up for 30 minutes, then used my Ryobi oscillating multitool to cut the tees off flush with the door jamb. Then I was able to screw the screws in tight. One note: when you screw in the screws, you will want someone to lift on the door a bit.
Here is a video of basically what I did.
So, if you ever have this problem, just get yourself a cheap bag of wood golf tees and you are on your way to fixing it yourself!
We had an old piano (we just gave it away to an awesome family) that had some stropped out screw holes in a couple of places. I used this same technique to repair it, and it worked perfectly. So... this little tip extends beyond door hinge repair!