The standing desk is finished

The standing desk is finished! We assembled it in our driveway to test it out and to get a few initial photos. I'll add a photo of it in my office tomorrow (check below for update), so that you can see it in its context of use.
I am very pleased that the frame is made from repurposed scrap metal from my Dad's farm in Iowa. I am also really happy that the desktop is made of red oak that was harvested and milled from the Dvorak farm (thanks again, Uncle Kent!!). Most of all, I thoroughly enjoyed working with my son Hagan on this project!
Finished Product
Hagan Testing It
Me Testing It (it's the perfect height!)
Top View (plenty of room for laptop and a number of books)
Disassembled for Transport (it fits easily in the boot of my Saturn Astra XE hatchback even with that other box of junk in there)
As I mentioned earlier, I'll get a photo of it in my office as soon as I can and post it here.