Twenty-six years ago today (July 30), I married my beloved Celeste Joy.
We’ve experienced so many things together over the years. Let’s see…here are a few of the fun ones:
  • Honeymooned at Mackinac Island and then drove the UP of Michigan around to Door, Co. Wisconsin
  • Moved into a men’s dorm at OC right after our honeymoon, where I was the Hall Director, but the guys respected (= feared) you more than me 🙂
  • Finished our undergrad degrees
  • Moved to Indiana (the "full-time church ministry years")
  • Moved to Chicago (the "MDiv years")
  • Moved back to Oklahoma (the "MA years" [for both you and I])
  • Bought a house
  • Raised a baby girl (now 20 yrs old)
  • Raised a baby boy (now 16 yrs old)
  • Sold a house
  • Moved to Canada (the "PhD years" a.k.a., "the Tim Horton’s years")
  • Moved back to Oklahoma
  • Led a Study Abroad trip for OC
  • Led short-term Let’s Start Talking mission team to Germany
  • Led another Study Abroad trip for OC
  • Taken several family trips (we’ve been North, South, East, and West in the USA & Canada)
  • Performed
  • Published
  • Got a pet bunny
  • and now endured a pandemic!
There is no other person with whom I would have wanted to do these things and there is no other person with whom I want to face what remains in this life.
Thank you, Celeste, for saying ‘Yes’ to this Iowa farm boy (who used to have abs…and hair) 26 years ago and every day since. Let’s keep going and see what’s next! With our arms locked and hands clasped together, we can surely face whatever it is!

[Venice, 2016]
I love you! Happy Anniversary!!