Update on the Hyundai Santa Fe

So, nearly TWO WEEKS after having our Santa Fe towed to Edmond Hyundai (!!), they finally called to let me know the actual diagnosis. You may recall that I diagnosed it as a spun bearing (which is on the crankshaft), but as it turns out, it's a piston rod bearing. That said, it is covered by warranty and we are still going to get a new engine.
If it took them two weeks just to get it in for a diagnosis, I wonder how long it will take to actually replace the engine. They will give us a courtesy car while our car is being repaired, so that's nice.
I'll keep you posted---because I know that you really, really want to know all about it!! 🙂
On a related note, the new air conditioner gets installed at our house (unless it's raining, I suppose).