Works in Progress

Here is a running list of the writing projects I am working on.
  1. Chapter on Martin Dibelius for volume on Luke–Acts in the Milestones in New Testament Scholarship series edited by Porter and Fay [see the Gospel of John volume as an example] (due ASAP)
  2. Co-author (with Zach Dawson) a chapter on Bruce Malina for Pillars in the Interpretation of the New Testament (post 1980) (due ASAP)
  3. Revise my dissertation ("The Interpersonal Metafunction in 1 Corinthians 1–4: The Tenor of Toughness") for publication in Brill’s Linguistic Biblical Studies series [my primary sabbatical project (I’m on sabbatical right now, Fall 2019, and I am enjoying it)]
  4. A couple of entries for the forthcoming Baker Encyclopedia of Biblical Greek Linguistics (due May 2020)
    (a) Appraisal Theory (900 words)
    (b) Commands and Prohibitions in Greek (1500 words) [a topic I’ve written on before here]
  5. Chapter on Mikhail Bakhtin for forthcoming volume Literary-Linguistic Analysis of the New Testament: The Enduring Legacy of Russian Formalism and the Prague Linguistics Circle for publication in Brill’s Linguistic Biblical Studies series (due June 2020)
  6. Co-author book Sociolinguistic Studies in Philemon (tentative title) with Jonathan Watt (Geneva College) (Fall 2020 ??)
  7. Ephesians, Colossians, and Philemon for New Testament Discourse Analysis Commentary, a forthcoming series edited by Stanley E. Porter (due Feb 2024)
  8. A book review or two as I have time (if I have time) for Dialogismos journal (of which I am one of the Sr. Editors)
  9. I have accepted an invitation for another commentary project (more info to come in a later post after contract is signed).
Throw all that in with teaching a full load and chairing the Graduate School of Theology at Oklahoma Christian Univ. and, well, that makes me a busy guy.
While I have your attention, if you have not already done so, check out the recent publication on the Epistle of James that Zach Dawson and I contributed to and co-edited.