Writing and Research

It's that time of year again when conference papers need to be finished up and once-distant writing project deadlines now seem to be approaching at break-neck pace. Here are just a few things I am currently working on or have in the queue:
"The Linguistics of Social Identity (Re-)Formation in the New Testament"
This paper will be read at the annual meeting of the Institute for Biblical Research (concurrent with annual meeting of the SBL; presentation on Nov. 16) in the "Identity Formation in the New Testament" research unit.
Chapter on Martin Dibelius's methodology in his studies of Luke and Acts
This will be a chapter in a forthcoming book, "Milestones in the Study of Luke–Acts" (tentative title), co-edited by Stanley E. Porter and Ron Fay. Due Jan 1, 2019
a couple of chapters for a co-authored project on Philemon, including one about persuasion/social influence in Philemon
Co-authored book with Jonathan Watt (he was the external reader on my dissertation)
A book (monograph), essentially on biblical hermeneutics, that presents a Hallidayan, sociolinguistic model for interpreting the New Testament
Hoping to get sabbatical for Fall 2019; if I do, I'll be working on this.
Watch for these completed projects:
  • article on the imperative form in NT Greek (conf. paper from a year ago) to be published in Biblical and Ancient Greek Linguistics journal
  • a chapter on the function of the (attributive) adjective in Koine Greek, which was a paper presented at the Bingham Colloquium at McMaster Divinity College this past summer
  • a co-edited book (with my former undergrad student Zach Dawson) entitled The Epistle of James: Linguistic Exegesis of an Early Christian Letter, which is currently in press with Pickwick/Wipf & Stock