2 Peter, Jude

In the coming Fall term (begins September 9, 2024) here at MDC, I will be teaching a graduate course on 2 Peter and Jude. Also, next week at CBOQ Assembly, I will be teaching a short Bible lesson from 2 Peter. Below is an article I wrote about 2 Peter back in 2022 while I was still working at Oklahoma Christian University. The article was a contribution to a Festschrift for Dr. Lynn McMillon, longtime professor of Bible and Christian Family and Dean of the College of Bible. He is the one who hired me at OC. Also, this article will be reprinted in a monograph that I hope to have in press later this summer. Enjoy.
Click here to access the article on my ResearchGate page.
PS: this article was published in Dialogismos, a journal that used to be published and hosted by OC's Graduate School of Theology. Dialogismos has been transferred to MDC and will hopefully be back online later this summer (2024). Check out other journals published by MDC, as well as MDC Press (with whom I have published books).