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Dr. Jim Dvorak is Professor of Greek and New Testament and Chair of the Division of Bible at Oklahoma Christian University.

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That Fall feeling

Well, here in Burlington, Ontario, it doesn't really feel like Fall. At the writing of this post, it'sTomorrow it'll be about 10 degrees cooler, so that will be nice. But this post isn't necessarily about the weather; it's more about the feeling I...

another milestone for the Astra

Caught this while at a stop light.I intended to get a shot of 110,000, but...traffic and driving safely and all that.🙂

Sleeping on air mattresses but not going hungry!

Quick update... The PODS containing 99.9% of our earthly belongings are in Mississauga, ON, in a PODS warehouse. We cleared them with customs last week, but "given the current logistics crisis," they could not schedule them to be brought to our ho...

Stripped out door hinge screws? A quick DIY fix.

My front door was starting to sag and to become quite difficult to latch because the screw holes on the upper hinges were stripping out. As a result, the screws would not bite into the wood and, thus, would not hold the door up where it should be....


In cleaning out a lot of things we've been storing over the years, I came across this award I was given back in 1990 when I graduated high school, the Bernie Saggau award.


Today's football calendar features a quote from Peyton Manning in which he expresses an excellent point about leadership that can be extended beyond the football field. Check it out:Source: A Year of Football Trivia! Page-a-Day Calendar 2022: All...

Hagan passed his welding certification

Celeste and I are so very proud of our son Hagan!! He passed his 3G welding certification test today at Francis Tuttle. As I understand it (I'm no welding pro, mind you), "3G" means he is qualified to weld flat (1G), horizontal (2G), and vertical ...