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Dr. Jim Dvorak is Vice President Academic and Professor of New Testament at McMaster Divinity College in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

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Replacing the cam cover gasket and spark plugs on the '08 Astra

The cam/valve/rocker cover has been leaking for a while on my '08 Astra. It's also been awhile since I last replaced the spark plugs. Today (June 22, 2024) is the day we replace both the gasket/seal and spark plugs.

P0118 on the '08 Saturn Astra (reprise)

I've got updates... So before running to Napa to get a new sensor, I went out this morning to do an ohm test to confirm my diagnosis of the sensor. With more light on the subject, I realized pretty quickly that no ohm test was needed. The wire was...

P0118 on the '08 Saturn Astra

P0118 "Coolant Temperature Sensor Circuit High" As is typical at our house on Sundays, we have to rearrange the order in which our cars are parked in the driveway based on who needs to leave the house first, second, and third on Monday morning. I ...

Life in the rust belt

Sydney was complaining of a scraping noise coming from the front left (driver's side) wheel of her 2012 Honda Civic. I pulled the wheel and off came the backing plate. Anywhere there was a provision for a fastener to hold it on was all rusted out....

Happy birthday!

Today (May 11, 2024) is my YouTube channel's birthday! To celebrate, here is my most popular/viewed video of all time (as of this post it has 68,792 views).

Pyramid of intellect

My friends sent me this. 😂Check out my YouTube channel.