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Dr. Jim Dvorak is Professor of Greek and New Testament and Chair of the Division of Bible at Oklahoma Christian University.

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Tools that I'm glad I have (2)

It's time for the second installment of "tools that I am glad I have," a little blog series that I started a while back. In this post, I'd like to put the spotlight on my flashlights (yeah, I know, it's a bad pun, but I couldn't resist). I actuall...

Water pump replaced (finally)

See my previous blog post on making the plan. Here's a video of me working the plan.

Replacing the water pump on the 2008 Astra

So, quite some time ago, I mentioned that the water pump ("coolant pump," technically) in my Astra needed to be replaced. It's dripping coolant from the weep hole, which indicates that the pump is nearing the end of its life. It has not been losin...

When your daily driver is turning into a project car

More to do... UPDATE: In the video I estimated that the part I need will cost me around $60. Well, I can only find a couple of these on the entire internet, and they are not in Canada. So, if I were to buy the cheapest one that I have found so fa...

Tools that I'm glad I have (1)

If you've spent much time on my blog, you've likely picked up on the fact that I'm a DIY'er, for better or worse. As I've said before, my day job requires a lot of mental effort. I've found that, for me, in order to give my brain a break, I need t...