A Good Saturday

Today (Feb 3, 2024) was a good day. I finished piece of furniture I made for Sydney's turntable and vinyl records. Don't get too excited. It's made of plywood--Red Oak plywood, but plywood nonetheless. That said, it turned out pretty good. Today I added oak veneer to hide the plywood ends (first time I've ever done veneer) and stained it. As soon as the stain is fully dried, we'll move it into place, set it up, and I'll get a photo posted.
UPDATE (Feb 4, 2024): Here is a photo of the finished cabinet--well, I guess it's not a cabinet because there are no doors. So I guess it's a shelf?
I also did a little work on the Lovely CJD's Santa Fe. It was a simple job: replacing front the sway bar links. I'll do a little more automotive work tomorrow, but on Sydney's car. I need to do a headlight restoration on it and check her outer tie rod ends. When she got her winter tires put on, they told her that she would need to have one replaced. I'll replace both left and right outers if needed (I already have the parts).
That's it for today.