Coffee table finally (re-)finished!

So, I have been working on refinishing this coffee table for more months than I care to admit--let's just say "many months." I've had it sanded for quite some time, but it needed a final sanding, staining, and lacquer. When my Mom and Dad were here recently, they both sanded on it while I was at work (my Mom sanded on the legs, which have lots of grooves in them, so a LOT of work [thanks Mom!!]), and Dad stained it for me. Today, after church and lunch, I bought a couple of rattle cans of Krylon lacquer and gave it 3 coats.
Here's the top:
Here are the legs:
After it dried (and passed my inspection for an even spray of lacquer), I reassembled it and carried it in to see it in situ.
This coffee table is 52 years old, and it has that many years of "character." It belonged to my mother- and father-in-law, Janet and Bob. As I understand it, this table was among the first pieces of furniture that they bought when they got married. My wife has known it all her life, and she has a pretty obvious sentimental attachment to it, so I thought I'd see what I could do to refresh it and extend its life. So, this is a gift for my wife, Celeste, but it's also intended to honor Janet and Bob.