Conference Season is Here

On Friday of this week (11/18), I will be traveling to San Antonio for the annual meeting of the Society of Biblical Literature (SBL). This year, I have the good fortune and pleasure of my wife traveling with me. My parents are coming early for Thanksgiving to hang out with (note that I intentionally did not say "babysit") our kiddos, and then will stick around for the holiday festivities when we get back. Both the trip and Thanksgiving holiday with family should be fun!
This year I am only reading a single paper (that's about all I had time to write). I'm putting the finishing touches on it today and tomorrow (and maybe Wednesday). It's about the semantics of the imperative mood/directive attitude (commands and prohibitions) in New Testament Greek, and I will be reading it in one of the sessions of the Greek Language and Linguistics unit.
As always, I'm excited to see friends, colleagues, professors, and mentors while there—and, of course, perusing the book sellers' tables in search of deep discounts!