Distinguished Professor Emeritus Dr. Lynn McMillon Honored

On Thursday, April 21, 2022, the Division of Bible celebrated the retirement of Distinguished Professor Emeritus Dr. Lynn McMillon. Dr. McMillon officially retired in 2020. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we were not able to celebrate his retirement in an appropriate way. We were finally able to do so today. Festivities began with a reception at 3:00 PM in WBC 118, one of Dr. McMillon's favorite classrooms in the Bible building. At this reception, it was announced that Dr. McMillon had officially been granted emeritus status by the university. Additionally, a Festschrift was written in honor of Dr. McMillon, with each faculty member of the Division of Bible contributing. This Festschrift was published as a special volume in the GST's academic journal, Dialogismos. It is available here: https://is.gd/DrMcMillon.
Following the reception was a chapel service held in OC's Scott Chapel, and following a number of songs and scripture readings, Dr. McMillon presented a lesson. After the concluding prayer, Dr. Jeff McCormack, OC's Chief Academic Officer, presented Dr. McMillon with the Master Teacher award. With this award, Dr. McMillon enters OC's Master Teacher Hall of Fame, which is a significant honor!
The evening concluded with a dinner in the Gaylord room, at which both Lynn and Joy McMillon were honored. Dr. Jim Baird and Dr. John Harrison each gave brief speeches, and Dr. McMillon himself capped off the evening with a number of anecdotes and stories from his years of teaching at OC. Dr. Jeff McCormack presented Joy McMillon with a special medallion for her years of service to OC.
Every stage of the event was a complete joy! Thank you to everyone who participated or attended and made the day special for Dr. McMillon! Special thanks goes out to Sarah Bailey for her role in planning and executing such a wonderful event!