Early Christmas Gifts

Christmas came early to the Dvorak household (at least for me). My wife and kids got me these:
On the left is a random orbital sander, in the center is a jigsaw, and to the right is a router. All of these work on the Ryobi One+ system, in which I am heavily invested.
The reason I got these gifts early is that I was making a couple of gifts and needed these to finish the job. the last time I was at the farm in Iowa (October 2023), I brought home with me some rough cut black walnut lumber from trees that were milled on the farm. I borrowed a planer from a colleague at work, planed down one board, and then used these tools to make a charcuterie boards for gifts, one for the lovely CJD (my wife) and one for my boss and his wife. Here are the finished products, the first one is for the lovely CJD and the second for my boss and his wife: