Father's Day Gifts

Having seen a few of my Instagram posts and perhaps a few of my DIY vids on my YT channel, a friend of mine, Brett Vanderzee, asked me if I had ever read any of Matthew B. Crawford's work. I had not, but after looking into who Matt is, a bit of his story, and what he's written, I became very intrigued by this book and have been wanting to read it. Although it was published back in 2009, I think it's still worth reading. I'm happy to have been given this gift--it'll make excellent vacation reading.
A second gift I received is made for those moments when you are working on your car and you drop your 10mm socket (it's always the 10mm) down into the engine compartment in a place where there is absolutely no way that even a child-sized hand could fit to retrieve it. (don't ask me how I know)
Update: Today (June 18, 2024), I received my Father's Day gift from Hagan. It is a 10-pack of 10mm sockets, one of the most common socket sizes needed to work on today's automobiles—and the one size that tends always to go missing. There are two 3/8 in. drive deep-well 10mm (both 6-point), and four regular 3/8 in. drive 10mm, two are 6-point and two are 12-point. There are two 1/4 in. drive 10mm (both 6 -point), and two regular 1/4 in. drive 10mm, both 6-point. They are made in the USA by a company called Brazen, which is punny because my son is a brazer for Baker Hughes. And the card enclosed with the ten 10mm sockets says, "Dad, you're a 10/10." Clever, son. Clever. 🙂
I love my family and am so grateful for these gifts!