Moving a queen-sized box springs up a narrow stairwell DIY style

Our belongings finally arrived to our house, so we have been unboxing and settling in. Of course, one of the first things we wanted to set up (after several weeks of sleeping on air mattresses) was our bed. We were able to get the mattress up the narrow stairwell, but there was absolutely no way for us to fit the box springs up there--or so we thought.
My wife found a video on YouTube on the This Old House channel in which Tommy helps a person deal with this exact issue. His solution? Fold the box springs in half like a taco. So, I thought, "If Tommy on This Old House says it'll work, I'll give it a shot." Here's a brief video on this project.
[Note: you will see a PODS container in this video. They are not a sponsor (not that I have or want any sponsors for my vids or channel, as I am not trying to make money as a "YouTuber"; just trying to help people out where I can) and after our recent experience with them, I wouldn't want to be associated with PODS.]