New Ceiling Fan for the Master Bedroom

So a while back, Hagan called me at work. He usually texts me, so I figured something was up at home. Sure enough. "The ceiling fan in your bedroom just came on by itself and it's making a horrible buzzing noise," he said. I had him turn off the switch, and then I ran home to check it out. Here's what I found when I turned on the switch.
So we bought a new ceiling fan, but it turned out that it would not work for our application, since we have a vaulted ceiling and needed a 36 in. downrod. So I returned it and purchased one that would work. Today (May 8, 2021 [my wife's birthday, incidentally--no, this was NOT her birthday present; we got her other things]) Hagan and I tore out the old one and put in the new one. We had to bust out my extension ladder, as well as borrow an 8 ft. step ladder from my friend Peter (thanks Peter!).
It was a good father and son project!
Old One Out
New One Ready to Wire Up
Wiring it Up
Field Testing the New Fan
Another Father and Son Project Done