Passenger side mirror on Sis's '18 Nissan Frontier

As I mentioned in a previous post, my sister had a little mishap and broke the right/passenger side mirror off of her 2018 Nissan Frontier. She jumped online and bought a replacement, and came over today to have me install it. It's an easy job and we had it done in about 30 min. or less. Oh, and as the photos below will show, Hagan helped out with the repair.🙂
The first step in the process is to remove the door panel. This is necessary on this model because it's the only way to access the wiring harness to unplug the old mirror and to plug in the new one. To remove the door panel, you first have to remove the armrest and a plastic cover behind the door handle. Under those items are screws that need to be removed so that the panel will come off. Also, there are a number of plastic clips that hold the panel in place. To pop the panel off, start at the bottom of the panel and, using a plastic pry tool, pop one loose. Once one is loose, the others pop loose easily.
Armrest off
Lifting the door panel off (after unclipping a bunch of plastic fasteners)
Next up is to remove the old mirror. We also took off a plastic cover that hides the three nuts that have to be removed.
Hagan held the mirror so it wouldn't fall off and break (Wait... wasn't it already broken?!?)
Hagan looks cold... where is your coat, dude?!?
Then, simply install the new mirror, putting the three nuts back on (the new mirror came with three new nuts). Oh, and don't forget to plug in the new mirror so that the electric switches used to position it will work. Also, we were sure to test it before we resituated everything. After proving that it works, replace the door panel, the screws, the armrest, and the plastic cover that hides the mirror fasteners.
Job done.