Tools that I'm glad I have (2)

It's time for the second installment of "tools that I am glad I have," a little blog series that I started a while back. In this post, I'd like to put the spotlight on my flashlights (yeah, I know, it's a bad pun, but I couldn't resist).
I actually have several flashlights that have proven to be indispensable. The first is my pen light. It's a Streamlight Pro. I cannot for the life of me remember when, where, or how I got this light, but it may surprise you to hear that it's probably the most used flashlight I have, in part because it's small and easy to carry in my pocket, and the two AAA batteries powering it produces about 100 lumens. If I need a tight spotlight on something that I'm working on, esp. smallish jobs, it's my go-to. It was also really handy working in my attic back when I renovated our bathroom back in Oklahoma, especially when I was wiring in new light fixtures and such.
Next up is my Warsun LED work light. This light has three brightness settings, with the brightest being 1200 lumens. It has a magnet on the back, a little plastic stand, and a hook. Honestly, I never use the stand or the hook. I almost always use the magnet because I use this light mostly when working on my car. Most recently, I used it when working up under my dash to put in a new HVAC mode actuator. I was able to magnet it to something ferrous up under there, and point it at the spot I needed to see. I remember buying this light on I was unsure about the brand (never heard of it before), but it has held up well. It is rechargeable, which is nice, and a charge lasts a long time. Note, however, that when it dies and needs recharged, it takes several hours to get a full charge. It charges via a USB port. One nice thing is that you can also use it as a backup battery for your phone or other devices that charge via USB.
The final light I will mention here is relatively new to my garage. It's a MotoMaster Slim Bar Folding Work Light. I bought it at Canadian Tire here in Burlington, Ontario (not sure it's available for sale in the States). Admittedly, it was a bit of an impulse buy, and I probably paid too much for it, but it's turned out to be very useful, especially when working on my car--which is exactly why I bought it (I got it just ahead of doing the water pump job on my Astra). It has a durable aluminum body with a magnetic base that is quite strong. The light bar will fold all the way around, and it swivels (180 degrees), too. It's charged via USB, like the Warsun. Also, like the Warsun, it takes a while (4 hrs or so) to get a full charge. It has three light settings: a high and low brightness on the light bar, as well as a little flashlight on the tip of the light bar. So far, it's been a good tool for me, and I have used it many times while working in my garage to light up my work bench area (I magnet it just above my bench and fold the light bar around to light up the work area) and on my car. It only has a USB charging port, so unlike the Warsun, it can't be used to recharge my phone, etc. Honestly, I like this light a lot (so far).
I've got other flashlights ("torches" for my UK friends), but these are the ones I use the most.