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Dr. Jim Dvorak is Assoc. Dean for Teaching and Learning at Oklahoma Christian University and Professor of Greek and New Testament in OC's College of Biblical Studies.

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My coffee got cold, so I took it outside for 12 seconds and...

@emilyrsutton Edmond WELLINGTON PARK106° FEELS LIKE 114° pic.twitter.com/KiIdXG6KWX— Dr. James D. Dvorak (@DrJimDPhD) July 20, 2017

Perfect morning!

I know it's gonna hit 85 today, but right now it's perfect! #Wx #feelslikefall pic.twitter.com/jVs3GQDAWS— Dr. James D. Dvorak (@DrJimDPhD) August 21, 2016

They say it will taper off

It's been snowing here since about 9:00am or so. I think this band of snow came a little further north than was anticipated. Earlier forecasts were for 1-3 inchres. I think we're past that—at least at my location. It doesn't look to me like it's g...

Welcome home!

Got home from Holiday travel yesterday. Here's what's up for today: Yay.

A chilly (ok, COLD) morning at the farm

It's a chilly morning at the farm: http://t.co/lHxs7YAael pic.twitter.com/2cIEORRY0j— Dr. James D. Dvorak (@DrJimDPhD) December 31, 2014

We love extreme weather in OK

Nothing like a good old fashioned 40 degree temperature differential!

Tale of two temperatures

Uh, yeah. I think I’ll skip the morning run. I thought winter was over! :s