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Dr. Dvorak

Dr. Jim Dvorak is Professor of Greek and New Testament in the College of Biblical Studies at Oklahoma Christian University.

Beautiful morning run at the farm

32º F, no wind. Full moon to West and dawn to the East.

Works in Progress

Here is a running list of the writing projects I am working on.Chapter on Martin Dibelius for volume on Luke–Acts in the Milestones in New Testament Scholarship series edited by Porter and Fay [see the Gospel of John volume as an example] (due ASA...

T-shirt I need

Saw this in the window at Trinity Western University bookstore. I should buy one of these.

Now available

Now available: Dvorak and Dawson (eds.), The Epistle of James: Linguistic Exegesis of an Early Christian Letter. LENT 1. Eugene, OR: Pickwick, 2019 Wipf & Stock site: https://wipfandstock.com/the-epistle-of-james.html Amazon.com: https://amzn.to...

Important Read

R. Rohrbaugh, "Ethnocentrism and Historical Questions about Jesus."

When Lightning Strikes

This post was created on my phone. I had to do this because my cable modem and wireless router got fried when our neighbor's tree was struck by lightning. Dude. It was loud. Up top Further down the trunk Tree debris (shards) in my back yard. G...