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Dr. Jim Dvorak is Professor of Greek and New Testament in the College of Biblical Studies at Oklahoma Christian University.

Friday Reflections

Happy Friday! I've had this week off of work and, of course, I had intended to get a tremendous amount of work completed. As it turns out, I have gotten a number of things done, but overall, I would say the week has been a mixed bag in terms of pr...

Linguistics and New Testament Greek Conference – 2019

Here is a playlist of videos of presentations from the Linguistics and New Testament Greek conference held at SEBTS. There are 11 videos. For those of you who might not know, Dr. Stanley E. Porter (first video in the playlist) was my doctoral supe...

It's May in OK. Gonna be stormy today.

UPDATE (11:30 AM CDT May 20, 2019): High Risk Zone expanded to completely include OKC metro and a little further east (NOAA Storm Prediction Center). Today (May 20, 2019) could get interesting. And by interesting, I mean "Reed Timmer" interesting....


I know that not everyone can do every job for themselves. I'm actually facing this because I need new tires on my car and I don't have a tire machine to remove the old tires from the rims and to put the new ones on. But, some jobs are super simple...

Copy editing – round 2

Just received new set of proofs of Dvorak and Dawson (eds.), The Epistle of James: Linguistic Exegesis of an Early Christian Letter. Second round of copy editing is about to commence. I guess I know what else I will be doing on my "week off."

She made it!

Our baby girl made it to Vienna! They grow up too fast.

Spring Time

It's Spring time. Classes and finals are over at OC (though grading continues). I'll be decked out in academic garb for graduation ceremonies a little bit later this morning (and again this afternoon). Almost all the students will move away from c...